NeoFocus is a management consulting firm specialized in strategy


NeoFocus is an international strategy and top management consulting firm, with regional offices in New York, London, Paris, Bombay, Shanghai and Tokyo

NeoFocus helps its clients:

  • Create, sustain and improve their competitive advantage
  • Implement decisive breakthrough in their performance
  • Develop successfully through sustainable organic and external growth

Our commitment to meet and exceed our clients’ needs relies on core values and principles:

  • Independence: our independence guarantees unbiased advice
  • Trust and Integrity: we believe that trust is the outcome of successful long-term relationships and we respond with integrity to the trust our clients place in us
  • Customization: we deliver customized solutions and approaches to answer our clients’ needs
  • Value creation: we constantly focus on value creation and creativity to better serve our clients
  • Partnership for excellence: we build and transfer the required skills and knowledge to best implement our recommendations
  • Confidentiality and Discretion: we believe that confidentiality and discretion are crucial to make our relationships with our clients successful

A team of outstanding professionals

  • We rely on a team of proven professionals with successful experiences and excellent track records, as well as unique backgrounds and interests to secure this level of expertise to our clients
  • Each member of the team has over ten years experience in top strategy consulting firms and complementary background in investment banking and industrial companies

Our capabilities

  • Specific expertise in shareholders/ management relations (or Group/subsidiaries)
  • Specific expertise in M&A operations (before – during – after)
  • NeoFocus is a registered vocational training company